About Us

Welcome to the Vail School District Transportation Department where “Safety is Not Negotiable.”

Three major programs help ensure student safety: Training, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, and our Communication with Parents.

1. Training:
Our training program is completely run from within our Department.
It is a requirement for all School Bus Operators to meet the State of Arizona School Bus Standards. The Vail Transportation Department exceeds those standards in every aspect because we believe SAFETY IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

2. PBIS – Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports uses a common sense approach of communications with students and parents. For example – If a child fails to follow the safety rules, we don’t chastise, we ask, Is that behavior what you should be doing? If met with resistance, parents will be called and asked to assist us in changing the inappropriate behavior. Thus, all parties involved accept responsibility for keeping students safe at all times.

3. Open and frequent dialogue with parents
Transparency and positivity with parents and students is critical to safety. We have VIDEO AND AUDIO capabilities on every bus.

Vail Transportation Fun Facts:

  • Our regular routes travel nearly 1.8 million miles every school year
  • Nearly 97% of students in VSD will be transported at one point in a school year
  • Maintenance of nearly 200 vehicles, lawn mowers, pick up trucks, fork lifts, a box truck, and a couple of tractors is done each year
  • We operate 41 regular routes made up of 208 separate runs
  • Many drivers starts their day at 4:45 AM and may not end their day until 8:00 PM. They are paid for the hours that they are actually driving or pre-tripping their vehicles
  • The pre-trip inspection consists of a 70 point inspection of a vehicle which MUST be done every single time a bus is being readied for a run
  • We operate 19 vehicles for children with special needs. This portion of our operation transports 240 students from their front door step to school and back
  • We have students who attend Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB). This route transports students from within our District to the campus of ASDB and back home. This route alone covers nearly 320 miles every day
  • We transport students (on average) 290 days a year to include weekends and during all of the District breaks
  • 98 people who currently constitute the staff of this department