District and Board Goals

District Goals

The Vail School District strives to stay at the forefront of education serving parents and students within the Vail School District and sharing expertise with neighboring school districts. We consider state standards to be minimum standards; our goal is to move student achievement beyond state standards.

  • Increase level of post-secondary readiness by increasing average ACT score from  ____ to ____.
  • 75% of elementary and middle school students will demonstrate mastery of each essential standard for Math and Reading on the district formative or benchmark assessment after reteach and retest opportunities.
  • Enhance Beyond Textbooks by adding 1,500 instructional resources.
  1. Add 500 instructional resources from Vail on the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards pages for Writing.
  2. Add 250 instructional resources from Vail on current Science pages.
  3. Add 250 instructional resources from Vail on current Social Studies pages.
  4. Add 250 instructional resources from Vail on current Math pages.
  5. Add 250 instructional resources from Vail on current supporting pages.

Board Goals

  • Model the Standard in the District
  1. Consistently treat fellow board members, the public, and employees with consideration and respect.
  2. Make governance decisions based on what each board member believes is in the best interest of the District and the students in the District.
  3. Demonstrate commitment to team building by conducting at least one board retreat and one board/leadership session.
  • Maintain a reasonable level of Board visibility
  1. Participate in Reality Check Lunches when available.
  2. Seek to attend and represent the Board at school and community events.
  3. Sponsor an event with all school site councils to promote communication and leadership development.
  4. Be informed regarding education issues and politically active when appropriate and possible.