Confucius Classroom

Confucuis Institute LogoMesquite Elementary School earned the Confucius Classroom status through the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona. More than 390 Confucius Classrooms have been established around the world.

What are Confucius Classrooms?

Confucius Classrooms are local institutions, based in U.S. schools, which stimulate and support innovative teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture. Confucius Classrooms adopt flexible teaching patterns and adapt to suit local conditions when teaching Chinese language and promoting culture in foreign primary and secondary schools.

How do Confucius Classrooms Differ from Confucius Institutes?

Confucius Institutes are established in university settings while Confucius Classrooms exist in K-12 public and private schools.

The Institute and Classroom are initiatives of the Chinese Ministry of Education (Hanban), headquartered in Beijing. The Confucius Classroom at Mesquite provide opportunities for students to:

  • Learn a critical language with the potential to reach the highest level of proficiency possible
  • Access authentic resources that extend and enrich the curriculum
  • Better understand Chinese culture
  • Participate in Chinese cultural events
  • Schools and districts that are awarded Confucius Classroom status have a demonstrated commitment to global education.