It’s Not Quite Christmas, But the Golden Bell is Ringing in Vail

Congratulations to Cienega High School’s Building Trades Program – the 2020 recipient of the Arizona School Board Association Golden Bell!

The world will always need high quality building trades professionals. Cienega’s Building Trades is a CTE program where students don’t just build buildings; they are building a legacy through both the students who successfully contribute to the program and the buildings that will persist long after they are gone.

Vail residents are used to seeing these students working around the community. Students in the program are involved in innovative construction projects like restoring a 1915 rail road foreman house, constructing a new transportation department building, and even building homes for their teachers!

Cienega Building Trades provides the opportunity for students within to learn skills necessary for construction certifications and professional careers beyond the boundaries of the district.

And, Cienega’s Building Trades students have enjoyed tremendous success with nearly 90% of its graduates moving on to careers in the field or in college!

Way to go, Mr. Keck and Cienega High School! You are most deserving of this recognition!