Reopening Vail Schools… EXPLAINED

August 13, 2020

Dear Parents,

Remote learning will continue to be in place on Monday, August 17th.

Tuesday evening the Vail School District Governing Board voted to utilize public health benchmarks developed by the Arizona Department of Health (ADHS) and Pima County Department of Health to guide the district’s decision on when to safely return to in-person instruction.

One key component to reopening school buildings for in-person instruction is tracking the level of COVID-19 spread within a community. The ADHS benchmarks track this across three metrics which are updated every Thursday. You can follow these benchmarks by clicking here.

Currently, the benchmarks have not been met. Utilizing the ADHS benchmarks and in consultation with Pima County Health officials, it is estimated that it will take an additional five to seven weeks before the criteria for opening schools are met. The Vail School District is targeting a transition from remote learning to occur sometime between September 14th and October 5th. We will continue to utilize these public health benchmarks to refine the exact date.

We intend to provide parents with at least a two week notice for when the transition will occur.

We are committed to opening schools as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so. We share the belief of many parents that having students in school is best for children and their families.

Please click on the video for additional information.

John Carruth