Above and Beyond – Vail Assists TPD

image1 2Vail educators are frequently working to encourage students to go above and beyond the standards, requirements, and expectations to increase their own learning opportunities.

Members of our staff also sometimes reach out far beyond their responsibilities to parents and students. Sometimes these “above and beyond” efforts are unusually successful, resulting in awards/recognitions.

Matt Federoff (CIO), Justin Cheesbrough (BT), Tara Deszo (EHS), Derek Langley (APHS), Bob Koenig (CHS), and Nicki Holewinski, along with the team of instructors from the police academy, Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC), were honored by the Tucson Police Department at their 2019 Award Ceremony with a “Medal of Merit” award.

This was because of work Vail and the instructors at SALETC did to “improve the quality of instruction provided to basic training recruits.” Vail and SALETC set up a Google domain and WordPress blog for them and worked with the instructors to integrate “student” use of laptops into their curriculum.

Sitting in the audience watching officers receiving awards for saving lives and for risking their lives in the line of duty gave Vail staff a deep appreciation for just how much the men and women of TPD do for our community. They were very humbled to have the opportunity to give something back to TPD.

Vail staff was thanked by numerous SALETC instructors who said, “we are using the technology and methodology that Vail assisted with in developing, and it is helping with instruction and learning.” Another stated, “what you are doing is going to save lives.”