18 Under 18 Winner from Cienega High School

57581569_2364109467160454_1065165345540538368_nCongratulations to Elisa McRae, Senior at Cienega High School, for being named one of Arizona’s Junior Achievement 18 Under 18. The award is earned for showing outstanding achievement in the categories of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, making the community better, and extraordinary skillsets. Elisa certainly embodies them. She was one of less than 400 high school students selected last summer to complete an internship with the National Institute of Health in Maryland. While there, she worked to identify, treat, and find cures for a new disease, DADA2. After her impressive work there, she was invited back for another internship this summer.

Her principal, Nemer Hassey, has the following to say about her in her nomination:

Elisa is exceptional in so many ways, but what stands out is that while she has the impressive resume, she exemplifies an educator’s true goal for students. Elisa exemplifies eulogy virtues: spending one’s life serving others; making someone’s life better; improving his/her home and community, sacrificing. People won’t remember Elisa’s GPA in 80 years, but they will remember her intentional acts that were the foundation of life long relationships.

We look forward to seeing what Elisa accomplishes next. Congratulations, Elisa!