Your Tax Dollars at Work – Fiber Optic Network

Fiber Optic GraphicYour tax dollars at work… thank you to the Vail School District community for passing the 2018 Vail School District bond. Check out the progress of our new fiber optic-network!

This Spring, the Vail School District is building a district-wide fiber-optic network to connect all of our regular school sites at 10 gigabits/sec. State and Federal resources will be covering 75% of the 4.6 million dollar construction cost. Voter approved bond dollars are covering the rest. The district will be saving $100,000 per year in connection fees once the project is completed.

Vail is very excited to get our new fiber-optic network up and running. We are also excited to keep the Vail community in the loop on its construction. Check out our new website that will give updates of the progress of the build.